Teaching Kids the Importance of Kindness

Bullying is increasing at an alarming rate. There are many reasons why people bully.  There are those who bully to gain a feeling of power, purpose and control over others. There are also those who bully in order to mask how they actually feel about themselves.  They try to avoid any negative attention directed at them by deflecting.  No matter the reason, if only more people were taught the importance of kindness and respect then maybe, bullying would probably not exist at all. 

Children are always interacting with others or engaging in activities. This can be at home, school, student care centers, playgrounds and many more. The student care center, for instance, is a perfect place for them to practice inculcating the value of kindness. 

Here are more reasons why it is important for children to learn the importance of kindness. 

Happy Environment, Happy Children

When everyone inside the classroom is kind, there is less fear and anxiety. The classroom will become a positive and non-toxic environment that makes the children happy and motivated to learn.

Scientifically speaking, the happiness that we feel when we are kind towards other people is brought about by endorphins. These so-called happy hormones activate the part of our brain associated with pleasure, trust and social interactions. Furthermore, several studies suggested that being happy is contagious. 

Eradicate Bullying

Understanding someone who is having difficulties in their lives and reacting in kindness goes a long way in helping the other child to cope better.  When a child finds security, acceptance and support in his or her environment, he/she will be more likely to pay it forward.   

Increased Levels of Self-Esteem

Doing a good deed towards others result in increased levels of self-esteem and optimism for the children. And when children have high self-esteem, they perform better in school and feel good about themselves. They are motivated and most likely to succeed in life.

Less Stress and Reduced Depression

It is no secret that depression is rampant among young adults nowadays. Usually, this is caused by various traumas that they have experienced during childhood. Thus, a happy childhood makes a huge difference in the children’s lives. 

When children are taught to be kind, they experience less stress because they see the good in all things. They choose to focus on all the positive things rather than the negative ones.


Santosh is an international development specialist and author of several publications on socio economic development. Santosh is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of on line education, underserved peoples, scholarship and educational excellence.

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