What Are the Skills Needed for BPO Jobs?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a business initiative in which companies in India and abroad outsource some of their projects to other companies. This is mainly done to reduce the establishment expenses like salary, space cost and others. The call centre job is the most common form of BPO jobs that we all know of. In this sector, we have a lot of teams, which are trained to receive calls from across the world and answer them.

BPO candidates need to procure the basic education and communication skills. For example, a BPO job role like Accenture careers would require the candidate to be proficient in communication and have clarity in all that they speak. Being polite, talking to the point and conveying the correct information is the basic skill required for a call centre employee.

Though procuring the BPO job is pretty simple, you will need to know some of the basic computer skills like MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point, using the Internet and good typing skills to survive in this industry. Some of the Business Process Outsourcing companies prefer the candidate to have some domain knowledge about their clients, be it in computers or electronics. A BPO employee is also required to display active listening skills on the job along with speaking well to the customers. Most of the time, listening skills help a lot in dealing with irritated customers.

Once you get on board for any BPO job, you will be trained in Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar and Phonetics skills along with the right skills required to ask the correct questions to the customer. A lot of technical support jobs require you to be empathetic and connect with the customer.

Apart from good communication and basic computer skills, BPO companies also look for leadership, team player, flexibility and adaptability skills in a candidate. Since your customers are located across the globe, you need to be willing to work in shifts and adapt to the frequent changes in the shift timings. It is also expected from the candidates to be open to learning and perform well at the job front. Along with these skills, if you are good at critical thinking and problem solving ability, you are bound to get hired from some of the best BPO companies across the world.

In short, like any other business skill, BPO jobs require the candidates to be proficient in communication, be a good team player, have basic computer knowledge, good at typing, possess good interpersonal skills, fluent in English and be flexible with work timings and ready to work in shifts.


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